Static Chaos -

Anime and Fantasy characters from all around have come together to test their might against one another. Powerful saiyans, sorcerers, and creatures of legend have come to display their power.

Some creatures have followed their former rivals to show their own strengths on the battle field. Demons and warriors of nature all found their place within the confines of the world.


Static Chaos is a heavily modified DIKU/MERC code base, with a GodWars player killing emphasis. Many areas found in common MUDS are available to explore and combat in, and new custom areas have been added to provide an enjoyable experience to those who want to challenge their character's strengths and abilities.

Clans are implemented, and group PK is encouraged. There are occasions for 1v1 tournaments, bracketed for fairness. Trivia and mud wide events are known to take place as well, giving all players an opportunity to participate.

Disclaimer - the age of players varies widely, and many adult oriented conversations and language do arise. If you are easily offended, do not like to see little bunnies killed for experience, or love pokemon, this may not be the place for you. Good luck, and we certainly look forward to seeing you survive.

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