Below are some of the clients we suggest to play on Chaosium. By no means are these the only options available to you, but these are recommended by players. As always, you can log in through telnet on any Windows computer, or use our web based clients to log in as well. The admin if Static Chaos highly refers ZMud or TinTin.


Client - GMud - Free


GMud can be downloded here.

Windows XP/Vista and higher users may have to use compatability mode for Windows 95/98 for functionality.


Client - ZMud - Free or Pay for license ($34.95) with free trial.


ZMud can be downloaded here.

ZMud offers a free version on their website for Windows 95/98 users. However, this version is unsupported and will not function on newer versions of Windows (XP/Vista/etc...).


Client - TinTin - Free


TinTin can be downloaded here.

TinTin is light weight and very customizable.

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