First and foremost - this is a player killing MUD. While most players are friendly and helpful, eventually personalities will get in the way and you will learn that when you kill someone, they get mad and want to kill you back. Keep a thick skin, a cool calm, and feel free to be pissed on if you piss off other players.

When you enter the mud, you will be asked for a user name and password. These are unique to you and PASSWORDS are CASE SENSITIVE. Do not give other players your password. If your character is stolen because you gave out your password, it's your own fault.

There are currently 5 playable classes in game (click to expand):

Saiyan -

From the Dragon Ball universe, these powerful beings use their inner power to deliver massive melee and powerful energy attacks. They require a bit of micro-management while playing. If you dont like typing a lot, or paying attention to what's going on, this is not a class for you.

Patryn -

From the Deathgate Cycle series of books. These beings harness the power of nature to tattoo themselves with arcane runes. Without a doubt, the most versatile beings in the game, they can be powerful melee fighters, or soak up damage as a tank. They are very "configuration dependent."

Fists -

From the Street Fighter Universe, focusing mainly on Ken and Ryu for their inspiration. They charge up "combos" by using lesser attacks to launch into powerful attacks. They are best known as the tanks of the MUD, and rightfully so - they can take a beating, and deliver one as well. They require the ability to add, read your opponents, and take a little time to do some grunt work. They are the slowest progressing, but some argue the most fun to play.

Sorcerers -

Slayers anyone? Lina Inverse would be proud - these characters call upon the powers of the arcane. Be it launching a Dragon Slave as a black sorcerer, or healing allies in mass fights as a white sorcerer, this class has something to offer to everyone. They have the most skills available to any class, by far, for better or worse, and take some skill to use effectively.

Mazoku -

Demons from the Slayers universe. These creatures have immense power, and once they get rolling are very hard to stop. They are "slow" in combat, but can take the beating needed to win in the end. They are as tough as fists, and as powerful as Saiyans, but they come with their weaknesses as well. This class takes little time to get used to, and is a good suggestion for new players.



After logging in all players should type HELP <CLASS> (that is, if a Saiyan, type HELP SAIYAN) and HELP STAT. These files will help you see what your class is capable of, and what you need to train and learn. You would also be wise to read HELP GWNEWBIE.

It is suggested that all players develop their class skills, MOVE and/or MANA before training HIT POINTS. As you gain hit points, you grow in power among the players. You start the game as a "freshmeat" player, and develop through different ranks until you finally max out your character. EXP hoarding will also increase your rank to a point. Train as you go.

Below you will find a few other topics to be familliar with.


All classes except mazoku find equipment throughout the mud by killing mobs. The more powerful the mob, the more powerful the equipment dropped. Some equipment is stock, some is randomly generated by higher level mobs, and some is static on certain mobs of higher power. Some gear can even be purchased from questing through quest masters. Mazoku create their own equipment. Read HELP MAZOKU.

Once you get a piece of equipment that is hard to replace (such as a good weapon or a rare drop), you will want to CLAIM it by training PRIMAL.


To max out your character you will need various items throughout the mud to allow you to train your vital statistics above 25000 points. Do your research, or ask veteran players, about this.


Lastly, this is a player killing mud. When you "mort" an enemy player, they are only uncocious (between -10 and 0 HPs). To get credit for a kill, you will need to FINISH them. For more information, read HELP GWNEWBIE and HELP GWCOMMAND.

Good luck. And welcome to the chaos.

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