Static Chaos was originaly founded in 1999 by Alathon, as Chaosium. The name of the mud was changed shortly after Chaosium, Inc. began publishing their RPG, in fear of people being confused over affiliation. Alathon's creativity lead to the development and balance of player killing and mob interaction, and his presence is still felt to this day when players explore the game. Other than the creation of most of the original player classes (Saiyan, Mazoku, Sorcerers, Patyrns, and Fists), he also added Pikachu's Vacation, and other custom areas for players to explore and enjoy a laugh with. Most players will remember Alathon as a drunk. He was rude, maniacal, and most of all, incredibly well respected. With humility, we thank him for all of his hard work over the years, and we wish him the best in his current endeavours.

For over a decade players have enjoyed the fast paced action from Static Chaos. This is fairly unheard of in a MUD, especially considering the format. Text based PvP is incredibly difficult to make interesting, but Alathon found a way - and it stuck. Many of the players since its inception continually return to new incarnations of the mud simply out of nostalgia, or because they wish to experience the incredibly fulfilling experience they get from playing.

The current incarnation, booted November of 2009, is run and developed by Dekkum - a veteran player of the original code base, who is dedicated to maintaining the original feel of the game, while expanding classes and fixing many of the bugs/errors that built up over the years.

Come and give us a shot! Relive old fights, or be part of a brand new group of players who rule the mud. If you like Anime or Fantasy, have a thick skin, and don't mind ripping the head off of your enemies - we want you for Static Chaos.

All services maintained by Dekkum